Terry Walters R.N.
Peak Pilates Comprehensive
Certified Instructor
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Terry Walters is an excellent Pilates instructor. She is thorough, precise, extremely patient and enjoys what she does. My 19 year old athlete son had suffered multiple bilateral lower body injuries – big injuries – that eventually became attributed to a foot defect. His body was completely imbalanced as a result of this. His main problems were an imbalance to the left and right sides, extremely tight calves and hip flexors, weak hips and glutes, to mention the major issues… In combination with the orthotics, we chose reformer based Pilate as the method to bring his muscles back into balance. He needed to “start over”. The band-aid approach was not going to work as the entire body needed to be addressed. Terry has worked with him along with the physical therapist for the past 10 weeks in private Pilates Reformer sessions. When he began he knew nothing about Pilates and my guess is that he was not a “natural”. At eight weeks we went to our pt for an assessment and had made great progress. The left side was no longer weaker than the right, his hips and glutes were beginning to work, his calves and hip flexors were much more flexible. He plants to continue with Terry as he really enjoys working with her and feels the benefits. He still has some work to be done, but he hopes to get back on the soccer field. I would recommend Terry if you are interested or in the need of some “body repair” or realignment. She certainly was not afraid of the challenge presented with my son (she actually embraced it), and he is a very bio-mechanically complex and difficult case. Thanks Terry!

Jane P

After two back injuries, I decided to take my doctors advice and try Pilates. I researched instructors and decided on Terry. I felt her medical background would be an extra benefit for someone in my situation. When I met Terry, she was very professional and listened to my concerns. She explained each exercise and modified them to fit my strength level. As far as improving my core strength, I did not know what to expect, but after just two weeks I noticed an improvement in the way my back felt. Terry assured me it was due to increased abdominal strength. I continued with Terry and continued to see marked improvement. I am truly thankful to Terry, and believe the Pilates routine she set each week is the reason my back feels better. In addition, my core strength has improved which has enabled me to advance to more difficult exercises. I highly recommend Terry.

Amanda Y